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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
From: Success Coach and Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs Joy Chudacoff, Los Angeles, CA

I’m thrilled to see so MANY women starting businesses these days. It truly is the only way to make the income you dream about and have the freedom to live the life you desire.

I also know sometimes being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming and confusing. It can be challenging to decide or choose which steps will work best to attract more clients and generate more income while giving you the time to enjoy it all.

I’ve been there and I know it’s a lot to consider when you are desperately trying to grow your business or take it to the next level of success.

You are probably a small business owner, coach, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur or professional who’s thinking of starting her own business with thoughts like…

  • My email in-box is empty and my phone’s not ringing. How and where can I find new clients?
  • I’d like to fill my calendar with clients quickly and have a consistent income stream month after month
  • I love what I do but I’m scared I won’t be able to keep my business going. I need to pay my bills.
  • I don’t have a lot of money for marketing. I need to know what works and gets results quickly on a shoe-string budget
  • I need to get clear on who my ideal client is so I can become known as an expert in my industry and get clients easily and effortlessly
  • I’d like to learn the secrets to communicating with ease what I do when I meet my ideal client so that they will be attracted to me and crave more of my expertise
  • I want to move out of the self-sabotage that keeps me from the success I know I deserve
  • I’m ready to master the mindset of successful women entrepreneurs so I can make more money month after month with a calendar full of clients I love working with
  • I want to learn the secrets to getting more speaking engagements and how to make them pay off in a BIG way including building my list and securing new ideal clients
  • I need to get systems in place to work smarter not harder
  • Organizing and prioritizing so I'm focusing on the high payoff projects, outsourcing tasks and getting the support that I need

If this sounds like you, I’m delighted you are here right now. This is completely normal when you are just getting started or ready to reach for that next level of success.

You are Not Alone

What you are missing is some no-nonsense, easy to do, basic steps - a blueprint that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do, how you do it, step-by-step.

This is where I come in….

I’m married to a great guy, have two beautiful children ages 9 & 11, and a dream-come-true business that supports women and helps show them how to have everything they want and deserve in life. I wake up every day full of energy, ready to greet the world and all of its magical moments.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Nine years ago, I was living a “passionless” life. My “spark” had gone out of my business. I woke up every day exhausted and had to force myself to get out of bed. I had no desire to do much of anything. It was difficult to get through the day. I felt like I was going through the motions. I felt trapped, stuck and uninspired. I knew I needed to make a change and create a business model that really supported all areas of my life. I know there have been times when you can relate to exactly what I’m sharing here.

Believe me, I was working “8 to faint” trying to figure out a system that would generate consistent cash flow and ideal clients. I remember sitting with my head down on my desk agonizing over my anxiety and frustration.

I set about to create my own “basic blueprint” that I could use over and over again to create success in my business.

Once I had the “blueprint”, my business began to Thrive!

It keeps working month after month, year after year. It works so well that over the last 3 years, I’ve TRIPLED my income and my number of clients. Oh and one of the best Results from having this “basic blueprint” is I attract only the clients that I Love working with!

Recently, in my work with women and travels around the country, I’ve been hearing a familiar theme and it struck me like a lightning bolt a few weeks ago that you need what I call the basics:


The Smart Woman’s Business Basics Blueprint - Strategies, Tools and Secrets to Get You More Clients Easily and Guarantee Consistent Cash Flow
While Doing Work You Love
With Your Ideal Client!


Photo of Marianne Simon"Joy serves as a clear leader, is creative, an intuitive listener "

"As a mom and business owner, I experienced Smart Woman's Business Basics Blueprint™ teleclass to be a sharing of foundational principles in creating a business. Whether you are just starting out or taking your business to the next level, this teleclass is essential. I found the topics discussed to be critical to my business growth, focus and effectiveness and recommend it for women business owners. Joy serves as a clear leader, is creative, an intuitive listener, intelligent and highly experienced in helping women business owners. I wouldn't think twice about working with Joy again!

—Lisa Montgomery, ICF PCC, Modern Mom Coaching, www.ModernMomCoaching.com


You will discover a simple, easy, doable plan to help you attract more of your ideal clients and generate more income! I’ve made this so valuable for you (once again, it’s my signature “under-promise and over-deliver” style) AND so affordable that you cannot NOT do it.

You will have the opportunity to listen in at your convenience to 5 powerful pre-recorded audios of me sharing all the gold-nuggets that took my business from barely "surviving" to wildly "thriving." I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the basics that I have used over the last 3 years that have allowed me to consistently grow my business, increase my income with consistent cash flow month after month and still have time to enjoy my family.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll receive in my brand *new*
Smart Woman's Business Basics Blueprint™:

  • A formula for connecting to your ideal client - know EXACTLY who you are marketing to and design a clear, concise message for the problems you solve and results you create with your clients
  • How to create a Referral Program that gets noticed AND gets your audience to take action
  • What to do Before, During and After Live events to turn a prospect into a happy, can’t wait to work with you client! There’s an easy, step-by-step approach that works for me every time!
  • What to do Before, During and After your speaking engagements to increase back of room sales and build your list so you can continue marketing to them again and again!
  • Secrets on how I turn my happy clients into raving fans from the very first call! I’m going to share my step-by-step system. It’s so super easy!

"This one simple piece of advice...found me 8 new clients!"

"Joy, your advice is priceless! All of it. Especially with your business card savvy. One day I was sitting in on a call and my ears perked up when you spoke about business cards. Our new batch was just printed and I was going to an event that night so I was really tuned in on this detail. This one simple piece of advice that you recommended with business cards found me eight new clients that night. I instantly had all their information without pulling out my phone, purse, or even a pen. I was actually smiling at the whole event thinking about that call and what else I could try to apply. Since then, this trick alone has increased my business and efficiency by a third.
You’re a genius, Joy! "

—Brittny Aspey, Oceans Education


Photo of Sandra Long"Joy provides so much information, and is so supportive!"

"I got so much out of Joy's Business Basics Breakthrough teleclass. She has great practical advice based on her tried and true methods. I have implemented many of her suggestions and have seen great results. Joy has so much positive energy you can't help but want to jump off the call and start getting out there! I look forward to more opportunities to work with Joy."

—Sandra Long, CPC, ELI-MP, Personal and Professional Coach, Achievements Through Coaching


Photo of Marianne Simon"She gave me the courage to move beyond my doubts and fears."

"In hindsight, they seem like such simple basic things, these tools and tips I learned in Joy’s class. And yet when I started to put them to real use, it was amazing the shifts that started to happen, not just in my own productivity, but in the almost magical things that started flow my way. Beyond the tangible tools, I also benefited so much from Joy’s suggestions and guidance. In her gentle, understanding manner, she gave me the courage to move beyond my doubts and fears, and to look at growing my business as an adventure and not just a tormenting chore. For that, Joy, I thank you very much.”

—Marianne Simon, Founder, Poetic Plantings, Sustainable Landscape Design, Poeticplantings.com


"I wish I had taken this class when I started my business!"

"I love Joy's classes, they are very informative and she is very passionate about women and business. I particularly recommend this class to business women who are starting their business or are in the early stages because it gives clarity of action. I wish I had taken this class when I started my business!"

—Leonora Di Mauro, Italy in Style, www.ItalyInStyleTravel.com


Here's everything you get when you invest in
my Smart Woman's Business Basics Blueprint:

Class #1 – Connecting to Your Unique Marketing Message

I share my formula on how to find out exactly who your Ideal Client is: the WHO, WHAT and WHERE of what makes YOU their problem-solver as well as the best ways to reach them quickly and inexpensively. You’ll learn the secrets to create a compelling marketing message that will motivate people to be curious about what you do and the results you create with your business.

Plus, you'll get:

-- My simple, easy-to-follow Marketing to Build Your Business Diagram that shows you 13 ways to effectively market your business

-- My sample referral letter that you can model and use to send out to your own contacts and colleagues

You'll also discover:

-- 11 Reasons Why People Buy Products and Services

-- The 7 Marketing Triggers (and how you can use this to help your ideal client see why they should work with you right away!)


Class #2 – Get Out There in a BIG Way

On this call, I share with you the essential BELIEVE - LIKE and TRUST factor and how you use that everywhere you go to create more referrals. I also share everything you need to do to get out of your office and get out there where your ideal client is—what to do BEFORE you go, DURING the event, and AFTER you come back to your office so that you create new clients and consistent monthly income.

Live events, local networking, speaking engagements and even shopping at the grocery store! You’ll clearly see how to use any venue as a safe place to share your marketing message in a way that feels natural and inviting.

BONUS: You'll receive easy to use exercises that will help you create a "cheat sheet" on exactly what to do Before, During and After your networking events and speaking engagements.

BONUS: I'm giving you a "Sample" product offer that I've used over and over again with complete success when I am speaking to a live audience.

BONUS: You'll receive the exact form I use to collect new subscribers for my ezine. This one form easily converts people to wanting to hear from you again and again.


Class #3 – Systematize What You Know and Do

I’ll show you how to take an inventory of your services, what you offer and turn these into irresistible, programs and packages that make your ideal client sit up, take notice and want to work with you. This one class will convert your “get acquainted” calls into “happy, can’t wait to work with you clients!”

On this audio, I will walk you step-by-step through my process on what I do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a “get acquainted” call that has a 99% ratio of turning a potential client into a raving fan! It can work for you too!

BONUS: You’ll receive an easy to use exercise that walks you through the entire “Get Acquainted” call or meeting to ensure complete success.

BONUS: I’m also including a cheat sheet that gives you the 6 key questions you need to know to turn your services into irresistible programs and packages.


Class #4 – Recharge and Renew Your Mindset for Success

* Learn the 2 types of environments that women entrepreneurs must have in order to succeed in every area of their life---especially business!

* Discover easy-to-use solutions to create the environment that’s perfect for you to become more productive in your business

* Explore the key areas in your business that may be holding you back or creating blocks to your success

BONUS: Easy-to-use exercises that guide you on creating an environment that supports your success!

BONUS: Easy-to-use exercise that will help you to rid yourself of all frustrations that may be holding you back from the success you know you want - and deserve!


BONUS CALL - 2 Smart Women Marketing Makeovers

Listen in as I coach two Smart Women on how to take their business to the next level of success. Being able to hear LIVE Marketing Makeovers can offer some valuable insight for your business. Having the opportunity to listen while I “peel back the layers” of business and help other women fine tune their marketing message can create "Aha" moments for your business.


When You Invest In This Home-Study Version, You’ll Receive:

* MP3 recordings of all 4 classes with me walking you through the entire system

* A BONUS 1 hour recording where I support two real live smart women in a Marketing Makeover in their business

* Handouts and Worksheets from every single class to help you retain the information from all the audios

* PDF Transcripts from all 4 classes PLUS the Bonus Call so you can read them again and again. This information is timeless and can be used over and over again in your business no matter what stage!


Photo of Kathy LaSalla"Joy is the Guru of Marketing as she has clearly shown."

"Recently I had the good fortune of attending a Teleclass series with Joy Chudacoff called, "The Smart Woman's Business Basics Blueprint." This was a huge turning point in assisting me in my revolutionary new business Ageless Aerobic Dance. Joy is the "Guru of Marketing" as she has clearly shown in her business. Besides giving us a blueprint of ways to communicate with our ideal client, she showed us how important it is to stay focused and clear in our business plans plus how to keep our clients happy, successful and loyal. I strongly recommend attending any of Joy's classes plus following her example and lessons for a successful ongoing business.”

—Kathy LaSalla, www.AgelessAerobicDance.com


My Personal Smart Woman Guarantee!

Photo of Joy ChudacoffI’m so confident that you will receive incredible value from this home study program. I stand behind my 100% Smart Woman Money Back Guarantee. Within 30 days of your purchase, if you are not happy, just let my team know and we will give you a credit equal to the amount of your purchase that you can use on other products I offer. No questions asked.

And that’s my promise to you.


So, Are You Ready For a Business Basics Blueprint
That Will Illuminate a Clear Path to Success?

I know it can be a little scary to start your own business and I remember a time when I felt alone and confused. I WISH I would have had a real life mentor, someone who cared about my success take me by the hand and walk me step by step to making more money doing work I love with clients I loved working with.

Believe me when I tell you what a Value this is. This truly is a no-brainer and it will give you easy to implement tips and solutions that have proven to work for me over and over again.

I’m known as the “under promise and over deliver” coach who always goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering content you can count on to work!

"Yes, Joy! I want to take my business to the Next Level of Success with your Smart Woman’s Business Basics Blueprint™ program. I want you to show me how I can attract more of my ideal clients and discover easy, proven marketing strategies that will generate more profit into my business.  I want to short-cut my personal path to success."

Which Risk Free Option
Would You Like?

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If you’re ready to grab my no-brainer Business Basics Blueprint and begin to see a change in your number of clients and your income, grab your copy now and start 2012 with confidence and clarity!

Be well,


PS: Close your eyes for a minute and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself feeling the energy and excitement of doing work you LOVE with your Ideal Client and earning the income you know you want—and deserve. All you have to do is decide. Grab your copy now!

PPS: There’s an old saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” Stop doing what’s not working and let me show you how to use simple, easy solutions that will create the business you desire.



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